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At Highlands Concrete Finishers we transform your concrete into a beautiful and durable floor for you to enjoy. We do not pour new concrete, instead we take your old concrete surface and turn it into a work of art. Our services include concrete polishing, epoxy floors, concrete staining, and clear coats. As well as concrete surface preparation to include the flattening & leveling of uneven surfaces, crack repair, joint filling, self-leveler application. We have performed so much spalled concrete repair that concrete patching has become a form of art for us and allows us to shamelessly say that we are one of Colorado's premier concrete floor repair experts. We routinely work with many homeowners and flooring contractors to prepare concrete floors for their new installs. That being said we operate as both commercial and residential contractors.

We can educate you in your options for a concrete coating installation option that will best meet your needs and budget. Learn the difference between concrete painting and a resinous coating installation. There are a great many options regarding a concrete floor refinishing project and there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to each. Having a polished concrete floor versus an epoxy floor coating or a stained concrete floor may be the difference between a durable concrete floor and a complete concrete floor resurfacing project in a few years time.

There are even safety and health department issues that can play into your concrete floor finishing project that an inexperienced concrete coatings contractor may not be aware of. Control joint and contraction joint filling installation isn't the same procedure as a joint filling job done for crack repair or expansion joints. There are many subtle nuances in concrete floor repair and we've seen many concrete coatings contractors either improperly execute the proper concrete surface preparation procedures or use the wrong resinous coating application. A usual giveaway to a non professional resinous coatings contractor is when they advertise their services as a concrete floor painting or concrete floor covering service.

Our jobs typically begin by using either a concrete floor grinding system that incorporates dust extractors or doing what is known as a wet grind. We also take many precautions to keep your space clean and dust free by putting up barriers and using large industrial contractor fans in the unlikely event our big extractors miss anything.

After a thorough concrete floor grinding we then fill in any cracks with special industrial strength resins as part of the concrete floor repair and resurfacing process. This procedure is similar to the concrete floor preparation service we offer to many commercial flooring contractors. If getting a stained and/or polished concrete floor installation, we'll make sure the repair work will best match your concrete coloring. We have a few specialty products and a few little known tricks to make it a very close match. And of course because 100% color matching isn't possible, we have a few ways to draw attention away from the repair, including polishing concrete to a high gloss finish or having a multi color molted stained concrete finish, or both. Next, control joint filling or contraction joint filling with either an elastic polyurea (aka polyurethane), an epoxy, or cementitious concrete repair compound, if so selected by the customer. Concrete floor finishing from here is determined by the service selected.

Common concrete finishing scenarios are colored polyaspartic resin with vinyl flakes for garage floors. One or two color stained concrete with sealer for basements and exterior concrete refinishing. Polished concrete floors are most commonly selected for commercial retail spaces given their simple and low maintenance costs. Epoxy floor installation with quartz or vinyl aggregate is selected in areas with extra high traction requirements or places needing easy cleaning such as kitchens, bathrooms, mechanical rooms, pet areas, and breweries.

Featuring amungst the lowest installation and maintenance costs of nearly all flooring choices. Concrete offers the advantages of being the most durable, long lived, cost effective, and sustainable of all your options. For more knowledge check out our FAQ or this site for more information:

If you hire us to be your concrete floor finishing contractors we can turn your dirty, spalled, and cracked concrete floor into a solid investment after a quick, guaranteed, concrete floor repair and rejuvenation. Our concrete flooring installation crews work all over the Denver and surrounding areas, down to Colorado Springs and up to Fort Collins.

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