A polished concrete floor is a concrete floor that has been honed smooth and undergone a strengthening densification reaction. The densification process is a transformative chemical reaction which produces a dense crystalline lattice in the top layer of your concrete. This increases your floors resistance to the following: Abrasion, impact, chemicals, stains, chipping, pitting, erosion. It makes your concrete less porous while increasing it's density, sheer strength, and tensile strength. To top off this we apply a silane based clear coat that we melt into the floor for added chemical and stain resistance. This process creates a surface that can still transmit moisture vapor from inside your concrete floor (a good thing), while making the surface too dense to easily transfer liquid/chemical stains. The polar bond in most common chemical/ liquid stains remains intact, simply beading and pooling on the concrete surface, unable to penetrate the sealer or your concrete's dense crystal filled pores.