For the most part price is determined by how shiny you want your polished concrete floor to be. Other big determinants are how much repair work you want done on your concrete. Whether you want to fill in your control joints or not. If you're getting a color with your polish or not. If we can get our 1,000 lb. grinding machines into your space and whether you have adequate power supply or we have to use a generator. If you want us to work overnight on a rush schedule through weekends or holidays. Lesser factors include: How far away from our shop you're located.How much work you're having done. Some discounts are possible too: If you're paying by cash or check, are an existing customer, or served in the military. All these factors have to be calculated and more to give you a final price. We have a civil and mechanical engineer come out to your home or business, assess the condition of your floor, and provide you with a free estimate. We'll provide you with many prices and options within 24 hours of after seeing your concrete floor.