The number one issue that you must understand is that there is no way to 'fix' any issues with the appearance of the epoxy or the way it flows without re-doing either your entire space in one big pour. A quite expensive and time consuming affair. One feature that is always encountered is pinholes which cause bubbles in the coating. These are typically from entrapped air trying to escape. Some floors are more or less prone to this and we cannot guarantee anything in this regard, you may have lots of popped bubbles or very few. With Murphies law being what it is, you will get these in the most inopportune place and there is not much we can do about this. Although we do make all attempts to reduce any defects, inconsistencies, and pinholes from forming, we cannot make any promises.
Given that the epoxy flows for many hours before settling and we cannot force its flow without making matters far worse, you get some potentially unwanted effects, this includes possibly bare spots, which will be the color of your base coat, a color we pick to be close in appearance, but not quite the same color and without the reflectivity. We have yet to do a floor with every inch of the space being completely engulfed with the reflective epoxy coating and not having any bubbles in it. Although texture wise we smooth over all the bubbles with the following coating, their visual effects are still present.
Before ordering a metallic epoxy we will send you a PDF of some of these effects and if you're a perfectionist looking to examine every inch of the coating and expect no flaws, then this isn't the floor for you.