Also known as urethane mortar this product is a mix of a specifically engineered form of urethane mixed with various aggregates, portland cement, water, and other proprietary chemicals. This flooring compounds were originally made for the food and beverage industry which specifically had the need to be able to wash their floors with large amounts of water, not support mold/bacteria growth, and resist thermal shock. This flooring system meets all those criteria by being waterproof, highly thermally stable, slip-resistant, and seamlessly go up the wall to form what is known as a cove. This essentially makes a floor a sort of swimming pool if there is a large spill. Because of their large thermal mass they can withstand having boiling oils splash onto it and not delaminate from the floor. Because it is cementitious it expands and contracts at a similar rate as the concrete it's bonded to. This reduces any pressures on the bond to concrete and makes for a seamless system. It can also be applied to freshly poured concrete much sooner than other flooring systems like epoxies.