• Concrete Polishing Information Section

    Concrete Honing and Polishing

    This is the most cost effective option when you consider the minimal maintenance costs involved compared to nearly ANY flooring type. This is now the go-to option for high end lofts and homes, retail stores, big box stores, warehouses, & restaurants. Several dozen color choices and affordable lower shine options are available.

    What is it and how do we do it:

    We first grind off your concrete surface to open up the pores for our densifier application. This strengthens your concrete by means of a chemical reaction that creates a densely bonded crystal structure in the top surface layer. Next, we hone the surface smooth to give you an easy to clean glossy surface. Process is completed by heat bonding and curing an industrial protective coating into the polish for maximal chemical and abrasion resistance.

    See the FAQ on polishing below to learn of it's pros and cons.

  • Epoxies & Polyaspartics

    Epoxies and Polyaspartics

    Resinous Flooring

    These two part resin and hardener polymers are growing in popularity for a large variety of concrete flooring solutions including garages, basements, retail outlets, warehouses, showrooms, commercial spaces, and bathrooms. Options include one solid color, multi colored metallics, or aggregate infused epoxy floors. We top these off with a durable clear coat to match your floors expected use.

    We start off all of our jobs by grinding your concrete floors top layer rough. We use advanced dust extractors so that your environment doesn't get dirty. This allows any chemicals and residue to get removed as well as give the epoxy more surface area to bite down on. The small pores and cavities that are created let the epoxies soak down into the concrete and properly adhere. We then fix any cracks and cavities that may be present so you get a more attractive final product. We then apply the primers/base coats/clear coats and any possible aggregate mixes into the epoxies. At times these take overnite to cure each separate layer. In time sensitive environments we use polyaspartic products which cure in several hours. We can also apply for you or leave you with a simple wax to use for your floor so that you can easily maintain your new concrete floor coating. This will allow your floor to stay new, glossy, and stronger longer.

  • Interior and exterior stain, dye, and sealer options.

    AKA Stain & Seals

    For our concrete staining jobs we use non reactive dyes that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Staining your concrete floor is becoming a very popular option for retail outlets, basements, patios, shops, and offices. For a durable concrete flooring option on a budget this is your best bet. We can stain your concrete floor with one or more colors followed by a clear coat to give you a matte or glossy sheen.

    The procedure:

    Our work typically begins by grinding down the top layer of your concrete. This is known as the cream coat. This serves to remove any residues that can cause problems as well as to allow the dyes and clear coats to properly bond. This is a mandatory process which lets the dyes properly soak into the concrete floor and allows for aggressive clear coat adhesion. The open pores and abraded surface then allow the clear coat to soak down into the small cavities formed when your concrete was curing and water was evaporating from inside. The coating interlinks with the concrete and hardens to form a strong bond. Doing proper preparation work is necessary for a successful long term concrete flooring solution. This allows us to warranty our work through the product manufacturers and give all of us a piece of mind that your stained floor will last. If your job is indoors we will top off your clear coat with a wax layer. This gives you a durable wear layer that you can easily build back up periodically so that you do not wear down your relatively more expensive clear coat.

    For exterior slabs there are a few ways to go about properly prepping your concrete for a clear coat depending on whether you have a stamped surface, a broom finish, or a hard troweled finish with a cream coat. See the FAQ below for more information on this.

    There are a variety of clear coats to choose from which will best meet your specific application and desired look. For residential basement floors we like to use a water vapor permeable clear coat that allows any possible moisture in the slab to slowly move through the coating and not cause adhesion or bonding problems. Despite the coating allowing vapor to pass through it, it still provides great protection from stains and would puddle liquids if spilled on it. Other clear coat options typically used for our commercial clients have higher resistance to abrasion, scratches, and caustic chemicals, yet arn't necessarily as water vapor resistant. There are a multitude of options for every floor and we aim at educating you as to what we feel are your top choices and why it is we recommend them. Please read further or give us a call and we can solve your flooring issue in no time. 

  • Surface Preparation & Cement Overlays

    Concrete Floor Grinder

    We are experts at concrete subfloor surface prep for all of our finished concrete floor options as well as other contractors looking to get their slab ready for flooring. When a slab is in too rough of shape we can provide you with an overlay option. This includes both self levelers and microtoppings. 

    There are a number of different cementitious overlayments we can provide you based on your needs and final results. This includes cheap self-levelers meant to be covered with flooring, high strength polishable concrete formulations, and polymer modified cementitious overlayments also known as microtoppings.  

    For our prep work we use newer high end dustless grinding equipment to properly prep concrete floors for finishing. Grinding the surface of the concrete is necessary to open up the pores and clean the surface of any contaminants so that epoxies, stains, and polishing products can properly adhere to the floor and last. We do this very necessary prep work step for nearly all of our services.

    We also fix cracks, fill control joints with proper elastomeric compounds, fix holes in your concrete, and even/level out your floor.

    We cleanly and precisely grind down any waves, bumps, or peaks in your concrete so you can have a smooth flat concrete floor. Most concrete pours are not flat or level enough to be a suitable base for solid flooring!  We use precision instruments and our finely honed experience to quickly level your concrete floor to the proper parameters your floor overlay requires. We can not only bring down the high spots in your floor, but also level your concrete with leveling compounds. Note: We do not offer concrete mud-jacking/lifting services, nor do we pour new concrete slabs.