Not all floors are suitable for polishing, if your concrete slab has many large cracks or holes that you'd like patched, these patches will stick out. If your concrete floor is very uneven or wavy a polish may bring these imperfections out. The price can be relatively high for a very high gloss finish compared to stain & seals or one colored epoxies. Polished concrete floors can be susceptible to staining by certain chemicals, especially strong acids or bases and may not be suitable for laboratories or workplaces handling them. Negligence in cleaning up spilled stains, chemicals, or hard water, will likely leave a stain if left sitting on the polished floor too long. Polished concrete floors are also unsuitable for commercial kitchens exposed to high levels of grease which will create a slippery surface. Here an epoxy floor with aggregate is more appropriate. Give us a call and we can help you pick the most suitable floor options.