We start our the process by exposing your concrete floor's inner surface layer using high end concrete grinders equipt with diamond embeded bits. We use HEPA filtered dust extractors to maintain a clean environment while we work. The next step is to apply a top end (Colloquial or Lithium based) densifier to your concrete to initiate the hardening and strengthening chemical reaction in your floor. Next, we carefully hone a shine into your floor by using ever finer diamonds to achieve your desired level of glossiness. It is this process that separates the experts from the amateurs in this industry, as it requires hitting your concrete floor from multiple angles at just the right speed with just the right tool, set at the proper power level and keeping a close eye on your floor to make sure that no spots are missed or neglected. Finally, we melt an industrial grade protective coating into your floor with a heavy duty high speed burnisher. This process enables the guard layer (a silane based polymer) to form a strong covalent bond with your polished concrete floor. This coating will act as a wear surface that will prolong your floors shine and strength.