You can get a metallic epoxy with anywhere from one to three colors. These can be spread onto your floor in an endless variety of fashions, making wave patterns, criss-crossing, or gently flowing between each color randomly (the most common). The metallic epoxies go on very thick and so give you a lot of surface protection for your dollar. The thickness also gives the metallics its depth and allows the epoxy to flow across your floor and blend the colors with unique patterns. Epoxies are naturally very durable and impact resistant, despite this we still recommend a clear coat or at least keeping the floor protected with a wax. Scratches have a tendency to show easily on such artistic floors. So if you anticipate anything more than simple foot traffic, we advise topping off the surface with a urethane clear coat. The price we quote you will include a urethane clear coat, unless you specifically ask us to omit it.