We offer just two options for you if you have prior installed stamped concrete, stained and sealed flooring, or any concrete with previously applied color.
Option one is a re-seal. If your color isn't too faded and worn away this will revitalize the color that is present. To get an idea of how much revitalizing a coating will do, simply wet your concrete slightly and observe. A sealer re-coat will be quite similar to this in making your current colors pop out.
Option two is sand blast your concrete to properly open up and expose the surface capillaries and pores. As well as to remove any residual dye, sealer, and contaminants that may interfere with proper stain/sealer adhesion. We then apply our vibrant and UV resistant penetrating stain and industrial resinous sealer. Option one comes with no warranties, but, in many cases where your decorative concrete isn't in bad shape this is what we recommend. Option two is a big upgrade from what many other contractors are offering in terms of using cheap dyes and solvenated one part sealers, sometimes applied wrecklessly over your existing coating, certainly saving you money on the install, but leaving you with more problems than you started.