The greatest benefit is the cost savings. When a concrete sealer fades and wares away it ceases to protect the concrete, its color, and its integrity. This is especially so in freeze thaw climates like Colorado. What a sealer does is not allow water to penetrate the surface of the slab and then freeze. When water freezes it expands and if this water happens to be under the concrete surface, it can break it apart. As more concrete breaks off the top surface, it exposes the more porous portion of your concrete. Which in turn draws in more water and deepens the extent of the damage. This weathering action is what predominantly causes spalling or chipping of the surface. A sealer also protects stains or dyes in the concrete from the suns ultraviolot radiation. The UV rays fade colors into more earthy and muted tones. They turn red colors pink and generally lighten up dark colors. A sealer will accentuate any colors previously applied and generally enhance the vitality of the existing or newly applied artistry.