The first and most affordable option is a simple re-seal. This should extend the life of your decorative concrete for a period of two years on average before it's time to re-apply or move onto option number two. Us providing you with this option is contingent on the integrity of your desired reseal surface being in a satisfactory condition. What we do is clean the slab with a pressure washer and then apply a coat or two of a solvenated acrylic sealer. Please see 'what are the pros and cons of a re-seal on my outdoor concrete' for valuable information on this option.
The second option is a complete rejuvenation of your space. This, unlike the first option comes with a warranty and involves the proper preparation of your slab with sand blasting or grinding in order to open up the pores of the concrete for a proper clear coat bond. With or without stain, this industrial coating has a 5 to 10 year lifespan, is moisture vapor resistant, and is far more scratch and element resistant than what has been typically used outdoors until now. Not to mention far far less expenses in maintenance having contractors come out every few years to reseal it.