MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) coatings are ideally suited for these applications. This polymer is in the acrylic family and contains no solvents. It is extremely tough and sets up really fast. This flooring product is quite comparable to a cementitious urethane. It can cure in -20 degree Fahrenheit temperatures and be ready to walk on in less than two hours. It is highly resistant to acids and doesn't soak up any water whatsoever. Other applications where this product might be well suited is exterior decks, pool decks, walkways, food and beverage production, commercial kitchens, pharmacutical plants, and cryogenic facilities. It can be used to bridge small cracks without the need for repair mortars and is typically combined with silica or quartz to add to traction control. It's UV stable and so is great outdoors. Because of MMAs strength, vehicle traffic is no match for it's ruggedness. Its downside is that it emits a very strong odor during the application time before it cures.