The process involves mechanically preparing the floor to create a proper surface profile. We can do this with a special adapter on our grinding machines. After performing the necessary repairs and priming the surface if necessary, we mask off and prep the walls and edges of the space. We prepare the mixes and materials based on your desired aggregate needs and carefully rehearse our execution. Then the material is mixed and applied assembly line style in at a very rapid pace to minimize the chances of the material hardening before it is properly spread and rolled even. We use special rakes, trowels, and rollers to achieve the proper flatness levels and thickness of the coating. This process usually continues until the floor is completely done because if there are no special seams to stop at there is a chance of seeing the separate applications transition lines. The product then gets an aggregate applied and evenly spread to provide added traction, this can be any number of products with numerous decorative options. Typically we recommend colored quartz aggregates broadcast into your mortar.